Blackjack strategy

There are many different strategies for blackjack. Here on our page you will find a blackjack strategy guide to give you an overview. Probably the most basic blackjack winning strategy, the so-called basic strategy, it was developed by mathematicians and written down in a table, a so-called blackjack hit chart. Here you have a column of the player's cards on the left and a column of dealer cards on the left, where the two numbers are crossed then what is mathematically speaking to do. The table is attached, here is the explanation of the symbols: S = Stand, H = Hit, P = Split, DD = Double Down, H / P = Split only if it is allowed to double, otherwise Hit, H / R = Surrender if allowed, otherwise hit. With this strategy, it is important not to listen to your feelings and stay consistent. You should also look at the rules of the casino to find out how much is paid for a blackjack. Stay away from casinos with a 6: 5, 7: 6 or worst with a 1: 1 blackjack payout. If you do not pay 3: 2 for the blackjack, you prefer not to play at such blackjack tables. The basic strategy shown in the table works great as a single deck or double deck blackjack strategy. For games with more than 4 or more decks, the table looks a bit different. Find out more in the next section. Many players also wonder if blackjack insurance makes sense. In our opinion, it may be useful, but in any case should not be used with every game, otherwise you will reduce its chances immensely. Some players also get carried away when things go wrong a couple of times in a row, and then keep increasing their stakes because they think you have a 50-50 chance of winning blackjack. Unfortunately that's not quite right, the chance to win is around 48%, so increasing the stakes after losing a game is not enough. So you should only increase or double the bet if the strategy table suggests it.

4X to 8X Deck Blackjack Strategies

Many casinos have been playing for some time with only 1 or 2 decks, but with 4 or more (up to 8). The mathematical system looks quite different then. But again, 4-8 deck strategies for blackjack were mathematically developed and recorded. We have enclosed the appropriate table below to familiarize you with it. This is an advanced blackjack strategy and for that reason you should spend more time trying out a real game. You need to be able to fully automatically decide when to draw, stand, split or double a card. Even more important is not to be distracted by external influences or feelings. With this strategy, it is also important that you are clear minded when playing. Do not drink too much alcohol in the casino or play when you are totally tired. Of course, you can also use a blackjack cheat sheet, but if that is well received in any casino is another question. Playing multi-deck blackjack without proper strategy is not recommended. You also have the opportunity to look at various blackjack calculators online, which calculate the exact odds for you. In the end, however, it is simply important to find the perfect strategy for yourself in blackjack and apply it consistently. If you want to penetrate even deeper into this matter, it is also advisable to watch over here again and again, as we will incorporate new insights from professional players into our website again and again. There are certain gambling gurus from Las Vegas and other parts of the world who now and then reveal some of their strategies or publish them in a book. We will take them to the chest and share them with you.

The martingale system for blackjack

The Martingale system or simply called doubling system, is a simple but dangerous strategy that is actually most commonly used in roulette. It is one of the strategies for blackjack with the most risk. You may have heard of it before. If you lose you just double your bet, if you win you start again with the original bet. Of course, this strategy can also be applied to blackjack, but we do not recommend using blackjack martingale. It's just too high a risk. If you lose several rounds in a row, the amount to bet is already very high and also there is a maximum bet on many blackjack tables, which is very bad for this strategy.

What is Blackjack card counting and how does it work?

Many who want to watch the famous movie "21" want to learn the blackjack card counting and wonder how it works? Blackjack card counting targets the likelihood that cards already drawn on a deck will be counted, and thus you know which remaining cards are in the deck and whether the chance of a high card increases or not (high to low cards). The value to be counted for the cards is as follows:

  • For the cards 2,3,4,5,6 you count: +1
  • For the cards 7,8,9 you count: 0
  • For the cards 10, B, D, K, A, count: -1

When counting the cards, you have to follow all the cards and add the values arithmetically. When the cards are shuffled, you start counting back to zero. If the counted value of the current round is positive, the time has come to bet more on many already played cards. However, if the counted value is negative, the player should bet lower in the next round. That's how you count from round to round, adjusting your bets accordingly to minimize loss and maximize profit.

Card counting used to be relatively easy in the past, as most players played with only one deck of cards. Counting blackjack nowadays may be difficult, as casinos play many decks at the same time and often work with so-called CSM (Continuous Shuffling Machine), which work with at least 4 or 5 decks and mix the cards permanently. Even online, this strategy is rather bad to use, since there are no decks, but the cards are displayed / generated by random generator. In this case, a card counting is unfortunately superfluous. However, if you know a casino that only plays with up to 6 decks, card counting is a very good strategy. Online there are many card counter exercise sites where you can improve your counting skills.


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